Kami Dempsey

Meet Kami Dempsey, Black Diamond and Millionaire Mommy, Coach, motivational speaker, and Author of "Retire your Husband"

We were both teachers and coaches.  We now have complete control of our time and schedules. Financially, we are secure, making more in one month now than we both used to make in an entire year teaching.

It’s hard to think about life without It Works! Global, but what was your occupation before you joined the It Works! family? How are things different for you now?

We were both teachers and coaches.  We now have complete control of our time and schedules. No long hours of lesson planning and grading papers. We don’t have principals, school boards, and athletic directors to answer to.  Financially, we are secure, making more in one month now than we both used to make in an entire year teaching.  No steps and no pink slips--just complete freedom!


What made you choose It Works! Global as the right opportunity for you?

Three things stood out to us.  First, It Works! has a sizzle product, something we knew people would call us about.  It's completely exclusive. There is nothing out there like the Ultimate Body Applicator:  healthy, natural, sustainable results in just 45 minutes!  Second, It Works! is in front of the right trend: health and wellness, and anti-aging.  Finally, the timing of this opportunity is once-in-a-lifetime.  Only once in a lifetime can you leverage momentum behind a company like It Works!.  Integrity, debt-free...the list goes on and on.


What does the It Works! Way mean to you and how has it impacted your life?

We do things differently at It Works!, and that further separates us from the rest of the industry. We put others first. We have to help others succeed to get where we want to be.  We work sideline, upline, and downline because as It Works! succeeds as a whole family, so does each of us.


What do you consider your biggest achievements since joining It Works?

Promoting to the status of Ambassador Diamond, being selected for the Leadership Council, and attaining the income we’ve achieved. And that is minimal compared to the satisfaction we have felt seeing others reach ranks, income, and improvement of health.  We are changing lives, not just physically and financially, but spiritually and relationally.


Describe an average day in your life as an It Works! Independent Distributor.

We definitely control our time.  Nathan and I are home together with our kids.  Instead of having family days on the weekends, we choose when we get away and where!  Our favorite thing about our typical day is that we can schedule our work around our life, and not vice-versa.


What tips do you have for a distributor who's just getting started with It Works?

You’ve got to be willing and able to talk to everyone about the Ultimate Body Applicator and It Works!.  Launch your business within 7-10 days of joining.  Be a product of the product.  Wrap weekly.  And do all you can to grow personally, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, with your finances, and in your knowledge of the industry and market.

Build relationships with your team members. If you get the person right, the business will work!

Be willing to make small sacrifices and take small risks that enable you to put more time and energy toward your It Works! business. A huge aspect of this is seeing sacrifice as a positive thing.

Pray for divine appointments for both you and the distributors in your organization. And then never put yourself above others.  Focus on their needs, not your greed.

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